Goonshow Scripts, Series 7

1-7 The Nasty Affair at the Burami Oasis
2-7 Drums Along The Mersey
3-7 The Nadger Plague
4-7 The MacReekie Rising of 74
5-7 The Spectre of Tintagel
6-7 The Sleeping Prince
7-7 The Great Bank Robbery
8-7 Personal Narrative
9-7 The Mystery of the Fake Neddie Seagoons
10-7 What's My Line
11-7 The Telephone
12-7 The Flea
13-7 Six Charlies in Search of An Author
14-7 Emperor of the Universe
15-7 Wings Over Dagenham
16-7 The Rent Collectors
17-7 The Shifting Sands of Waziristan
18-7 The Moon Show
19-7 The Mysterious Punch-up-the-Conker
20-7 Round the World in Eighty Days
21-7 Insurance- The White Man's Burden
22-7 The Africa Ship Canal
23-7 Ill Met By Moonlight
24-7 The Missing Boa Constrictor
25-7 The Histories of Pliny the Elder
SP Operation Christmas Duff
SP Robin Hood