Goonshow Scripts, Series 5

1-5 The Whistling Spy Enigma
2-5 The Lost Gold Mine of Charlotte
3-5 The Dreaded Batter-Pudding Hurler
4-5 The Phantom Head Shaver
5-5 The Affair of the Lone Banana
6-5 The Canal
7-5 Lurgi Strikes Britain
8-5 The Mystery of the Marie-Celeste
9-5 The Last Tram From Clapham
10-5 The Booted Gorilla
11-5 The Spanish Suitcase
12-5 Dishonoured, or the Fall of Neddie Seagoon
13-5 Forog
14-5 Ye Bandit Of Sherwood Forest
15-5 Nineteen Eighty Five
16-5 The Case of the Missing Heir
17-5 China Story
18-5 Under Two Floorboards
19-5 The Missing Scroll
20-5 Nineteen Eighty Five (2nd performance)
21-5 The Sinking of Westminster Pier
22-5 The Fireball of Milton Street
23-5 The Six Ingots of Leadenhall Street
24-5 Yehti
25-5 The White Box of Great Bardfield
26-5 The End
SP The Starlings